Top 6 Fitness Myths With Fitness Expert Nick Parker On Good Day Orlando

Top 6 Fitness Myths…True or False?

1.  High Intensity is Best?
2. You should stretch before exercising
3. Don’t workout at night
4. Crunches give you toned abs
6. Muscle weights more than fat

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How Katie Lost 27 lbs and 3 Dress Sizes At Nick Parker’s Boot Camp In Lake Mary!

Congratulations To Katie Bowman Who Lost 27 Pounds and 3 Dress Sizes!

At Nick Parker’s Boot Camp Longwood Lake Mary

How Is Katie Seeing Awesome Fat Loss Results?

It comes down to two really big factors.  First it all starts with her.  When talking to her about her success she mentioned her mindset a few times.

She said “what used to look like big obstacles now look like minor speed bumps”.  She has a positive mindset towards her goals, fitness, and life.

This makes a big difference because too many people quit at the first set back and never reach their goals because they didn’t really commit and didn’t mentally prepare to push forward  when life came at them a little harder.

Her positive mindset has paid off and now she is moving forward towards her goals everyday with a never quit attitude and belief that she can do it!

The second factor is…

Her fitness program!  Katie loves going to her boot camp sessions and she works hard every time she’s there.

Being part of our fitness program that has proven to burn fat 9 times faster then other fitness programs has helped her melt away inches and burn unwanted body fat.

She said “I don’t know how you guys do it but coming to those motivating sessions makes my week go by so much faster”.

It’s become the highlight of her day and also a part of her lifestyle.  She’s not only succeeding in the area of her health but also in life.

She just got promoted at work, has more energy, and say’s “This has been such a great year so far it must be the year of Katie!”.

It’s awesome to see her and so many others succeeding at Nick Parker’s Boot Camp.  Congratulations Katie our team is very proud of you keep it up!

Maybe it’s time for you to start working towards your life transformation!

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How Many Days A Week Should You Workout – boot camp lake mary

How Many Days A Week Should You Workout?

One of the questions we get a lot is how many days a week should I workout.  How often should I exercise and how many days should I rest.

Find out the answers to these questions in this short video.

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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Boot Camp Exercises

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Using These Lake Mary Boot Camp Exercises!

Here are some Cellulite Killing Exercises and instruction on how to get rid of cellulite using these boot camp exercises.  Nick Parker the founder of a popular Lake Mary Boot Camp is on Fox News showing you exactly how to perform these boot camp exercises.   If you live in the near the Lake Mary area and are looking for a boot camp to get you into the best shape in your life 9x faster with a training staff who cares, who really cares then claim your free trial to Nick Parker’s Boot Camp in Lake Mary.

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