What??? 20 Second Workout Burns More Fat Is This Real?

Nick Parker Fox News Fitness Expert and Lake Mary Longwood Boot Camp Founder talks about the new book promoting 20 second workouts.

How To Build Good Workout Habbits

How To Build Good Workout Habits

I can’t tell you how many times I was so fired up to get a good workout in and then didn’t even make it to the gym.  How does that happen?  One minute you’re pumped up and excited about your workout and the next thing you know you don’t even workout.

If this is something you’ve struggled with don’t worry you’re not alone.  Life gets in the way, you get busy, you get tired, something at work comes up or the kids.  It seems like there is always something that can pull you away from your workout.

If you’ve been working out for a while you’ll notice how your motivation comes and goes almost like seasons.  You can have a few days, weeks, or even months where you’re really dialed in and consistent.  Then you can have a few days, week, sometimes even months, hopefully not years…where you’re going through the motions and not really that consistent.

This is normal but definitely not good for getting results.  The first thing you need

to do is be aware of when your motivation is sliding down into the abyss.  There are things you can do to prevent this or at least keep it from spiraling out of control.

There are two main reasons I’ve seen that cause people to fall of the motivation train.

1. A major change is life or schedule.

2. Getting bored and end up going through the motions.

When you go through a major transition in your life or your schedule changes dramatically it can be hard to stay on on your “A” game when it comes to working out.  Some examples are having a baby, moving, new job, getting married, vacation, school staring or ending, lots of events on the calendar, just to name a few.

The key is be PROACTIVE.  Think it through ahead of time and give yourself a set amount of time on the calendar to slack off.  For example if you’re moving then say, “Ok I’m moving Friday so I’ll give myself 8 days to get moved and somewhat settled in the I’m going to workout at 9:00 am on the 9th day”.  Actually put it on the calendar and count if down so you feel the anticipation.

If you don’t do this it may end up being weeks or even months before you get back on track and then you’ve lost all that hard work.

If you’re just bored then you need to mix things up by changing your workouts, adding other activities in like sports or outdoor cardio, like biking.  This will get you motivated again plus it will be a nice shock to your body to break plateaus.

When I get stuck in a rut I start reading, learning something new always sparks something in me that makes me want to push forward.

Ever hear the saying “Out Of Sight Out Of Mind”.

If you’re engaged by reading, mapping out a new workout, setting new goals or refocusing on your existing ones you’ll stay motivated if you are just apathetic and don’t think about working out…guess what, you wont or you’ll just go through the motions.

One last thing I like to do is create a new reason or goal with a new deadline.  I like having a very specific goal with a deadline attached to it.  Like going on vacation in 8 weeks so I’m going to lower my body fat by 2 percent.  Trust me this helps.

Motivation is temporary, very few people are motivated all the time.  It takes discipline and a continual pouring of gasoline on the motivation fire to keep you moving forward.

Don’t get discouraged just get focused!


Talk to you next time…

Nick Parker

Amazing Home Workout Exercises For Women


You want to workout at home but your not sure where to start or you’ve tried it before and failed so you’re reluctant to do it again.

I’ve got great news for you!

This video will show you what your home workout should include and the great news is it doesn’t involve any equipment.

Just like Beyonce’s home workout exercises that she uses…there are a few powerful keys that every home workout should have so that you get the fastest results possible without spending hours and hours beating yourself up.

I see a lot of women making these mistakes in their workouts and I feel bad because they don’t get the results they could.  If you want to speed up your fat loss results then you MUST use these powerful principles in your home workout or you will be wasting a lot of time.

Check out these home workout exercises that you can do at home, at the gym, hotel when you travel, or anywhere.

Watch This Video Below To See Some Of Beyonce’s Exercises

To see the next video with your home workout click here!

Home Workout For Women

What Is The Best At Home Workout For Women?

You put the workout in the dvd player and then hit play.  You start out strong for the first week and then two weeks later you don’t even know what you did with the dvd.  This is the common problem with at home workouts for women.   They are great at first but then the workouts get boring, stale, and repetitive.  So what do you do?

Home workouts should be fun, full of variety so you don’t get bored, and most of all have the “E-Factor”…Efficient and Effective!  The reason you’re doing an at home workout program to begin with is because you’re busy and want fast results right!

The best at home workout for women is one that changes regularly and targets the trouble spots that most women deal with.

It should also have intervals built in, not only into each workout but into the entire program as a whole to keep your body from hitting a plateau so you see better results.

Finally it should be focused on fat loss and muscle toning so you see real visible changes.  Some workouts are fun like Zumba but dont’ target muscles like you need.  Other workouts are relaxing like yoga but burn very minimal fat.   If you want to transform your body then you need a workout program designed specifically for women to burn fat and tone muscles fast.

Watch this video of me on Fox News below and I’ll give you some tips on how to get the most out of your home workout.  In the next post you will get to see some awesome body weight exercises that you can do at home so stay tuned.  Click here to try the GladiatHer Home Body Transformation Program!