Do You Have Fit FEET?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say I’d like to tone up my feet or improve my foot strength but the truth is we need to have strong ankles and feet.

Your feet are the foundation of everything and your ankles stabilize your entire body so I’d say it’s pretty important.

This is even more important if you wear dress shoes all day.

Imagine putting your hand, yes I said hand, in a really tight shoe for 8 or more hours a day what do you think would happen over time.

It wouldn’t be pretty.  That’s what you do to your feet all day.  Wearing heels shortens your achilles tendon.  Pointed shoes restrict your toes and decrease flexibility.

So it’s important to go barefoot as much as you can.  You should also do some calf stretching and foot / ankle complex stability exercises.


In the video below I give you a Foot Fitness Test to see if you have strong flexible healthy feet or if you need improvement.

I also give you some examples of what you can do at home to improve your foot and ankle flexibility, stability, and strength.  Watch the video and try it.

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